Snow High Seeds – Coco Loco


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Snow High Seeds – Coco Loco

Acapulco Gold x Colombian Punto Rojo

Flower Cycle: 14-22 weeks

5 regular seeds per pack

The Acapulco Gold in the Red & Gold Mexican Colombian is a preservation I created in 2012 using a Circa 68’ Acapulco Gold female with classic delicate floral clusters, smelling of honeysuckle, good to high resin production with long leaves which turn gold to white with maturity and red sap bleeding from stems and petioles. The male was from early 70’s stock, with green leaves which turned golden with maturity, the stems turn bright brick red and the male sepals turn golden upon maturity. This Acapulco gold preservation was saving the last of each of those lines to continue a pure Acapulco gold from that era.