Green Fire Genetics – Trulato {REG} [12pk]


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Breeder Certified Genetics

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Green Team Genetics – Trulato

(True OG X Dragon Piss) x Zelato

Trulato Strain


Trulato: A Potent Mix of Power and Flavor


Step into the delightful embrace of Trulato, a unique fusion of True OG, Dragon Piss, and Zelato. Each parent strain brings its special qualities to this blend, resulting in a powerfully potent strain with a flavor profile as profound as its origins. The enchanting aroma and effects of Trulato will linger long after your last toke.


A Rich Symphony of Flavors


With its lineage tracing back to True OG, Dragon Piss, and Zelato, the terpene profile of Trulato is a harmonious melody of complex flavors. The pungent scent of pine and earth is immediately noticeable, a trait passed down from True OG. This is subtly balanced with the unmistakable notes of exotic fruits and a slight undertone of spice, a wonderful gift from its Zelato lineage.


A High of Epic Proportions


The Trulato experience is a journey into an unrivaled high that’s both cerebral and physical. This strain is the epitome of balance, delivering a burst of euphoria and creative energy followed by a deeply relaxing body calm. It’s like enjoying a tranquil sunset after an invigorating day at the beach.


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Should you find the flavor profile and balanced effects of Trulato appealing, you might also want to check out True OG, Dragon Piss, and Zelato. Each of these strains brings something unique to the table, offering diverse experiences for every cannabis connoisseur.


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About Green Fire Genetics


Green Fire Genetics, bred by Alaina, is a pioneering cannabis brand known for its exceptional genetics. With a deep understanding of cultivation passed down from her father, Alaina has created robust strains that captivate growers and users alike. Green Fire O.G. combines the energy of Green Crack with the relaxation of Fire O.G., offering a balanced experience. Rainbow Flame dazzles with vibrant colors and a delightful terpene profile. Tropic Berry OG blends tropical fruit flavors with calming effects. Dozizoz provides a creative high with complex terpenes. RainbowPie delights with berry and pie crust flavors. Green Fire Genetix showcases Alaina’s expertise and commitment to delivering top-quality genetics.

  • Flower Time: 8-9 Weeks days
  • Yield: average
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