Green Fire Genetics – Rainbow Gelato {REG} [12pk]


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Breeder Certified Genetics
Breeder Certified Genetics

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Green Fire Genetics – Rainbow Gelato

Gelato 41 x Rainbow Pie F2

Rainbow Gelato Strain

Rainbow Gelato: A Symphony of Flavors and Colors


Immerse yourself in the vibrant and flavorful world of Rainbow Gelato. This strain is the divine offspring of Gelato 41, celebrated for its robust flavor profile and profound effects, and Rainbow Pie F2, known for its multitude of hues and irresistible aroma. Rainbow Gelato, the striking result of this cross, boasts a colorful personality and a taste that’s nothing short of divine.


Taste the Rainbow


When it comes to terpenes, Rainbow Gelato is a feast for the senses. Its aromatic profile ranges from sweet berry undertones, courtesy of its Gelato 41 lineage, to notes of earthy spice, a homage to its Rainbow Pie F2 parent. It’s a flavor palette that brings to mind a mouthwatering dessert—a true gourmet experience.


A High as Diverse as its Flavors


The Rainbow Gelato experience goes beyond just taste. Upon inhaling its rich smoke, users are introduced to a balance of cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation. It’s a fusion that’s both invigorating and calming, reminding you of a peaceful walk through a lush, sunlit forest.


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If you’ve been charmed by the intriguing interplay of flavors and effects in Rainbow Gelato, you may also find interest in strains like Zkittlez, Sherbert, and Biscotti. Your Trusted Seed Source


When you’re ready to start your Rainbow Gelato journey, get your seeds from, the premier seed bank in the USA.


About Green Fire Genetics


Green Fire Genetics, bred by Alaina, is a pioneering cannabis brand known for its exceptional genetics. With a deep understanding of cultivation passed down from her father, Alaina has created robust strains that captivate growers and users alike. Green Fire O.G. combines the energy of Green Crack with the relaxation of Fire O.G., offering a balanced experience. Rainbow Flame dazzles with vibrant colors and a delightful terpene profile. Tropic Berry OG blends tropical fruit flavors with calming effects. Dozizoz provides a creative high with complex terpenes. RainbowPie delights with berry and pie crust flavors. Green Fire Genetix showcases Alaina’s expertise and commitment to delivering top-quality genetics.

  • Flower Time: 8-9 weeks days
  • Yield: low
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