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Archive Seed Bank – Dirt Nap

Ghost OG X Dosidos

12 Regular Seeds Per Pack

The original “Ghost OG”, without ever passing through Ghost1’s hand. This is the original clone sourced directly from our good friend OrgnKid back in 2004 before Ghost1 circulated the clone. Back then it really only had two real names, OG Kush, and Oger’s. Not to be confused with the Ogre, a sensi star pheno, they are not the same or related. The classic OG Kush funk and narcotic indica effect are world renowned and the backbone of much American breeding today. The Dosidos line increases the bag appeal, resin coverage, and testing potency of the American Classic, OG Kush. Also, while making the earthy funky kush smell more palatable to the average consumer and adding some incensed grapey aromas to some phenos. Don’t be confused, the potency is increased, and if you think OG Kush used to put you out for the count, this stuff may drop you into an unexpected Dirt Nap.

Origins Of “Dirt Nap” Strain

Allow me to introduce you to the cryptically intriguing Dirt Nap strain. This powerful Indica dominant strain emerges from the venerable Archive Seed Bank, a company well-known for creating superior quality cannabis strains.

Parent Strains

The Dirt Nap strain is the esteemed progeny of two legendary cannabis strains – Ghost OG and Dosidos. This celebrated lineage imparts Dirt Nap with an impressive genetic foundation that translates into a potent and unique strain.

Ghost OG

Renowned for its potent and balanced effects, Ghost OG carries a distinct citrusy pine aroma that cannabis aficionados adore. It’s celebrated for its immediate and long-lasting soothing effects that are perfect for those laid-back, do-nothing days.


Dosidos is an Indica-dominant hybrid revered for its relaxing and calming effects. With a sweet, minty, and earthy aroma, Dosidos is often associated with a peaceful, introspective, and creative high.

Terpene Profile and Aromas

The Dirt Nap strain carries an enticing terpene profile led by myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene. These terpenes amalgamate to create an aromatic profile that’s a delightful mix of earthiness, sweet citrus, and a hint of spicy undertones. It’s a sensory journey that’s sure to tickle your olfactory senses!

Smoke Report

Lighting up the Dirt Nap strain is akin to embarking on a delightful sensory adventure. Its smoke is dense yet smooth, delivering an immediate uplifting cerebral high that gradually transitions into a state of serene relaxation. It’s an experience best described as a restful escape from reality!

If You Like Dirt Nap Strain, You May Also Like These Strains

If the Dirt Nap strain resonates with you, you might find strains like Gelato, Granddaddy Purple, and Skywalker OG appealing. These strains are noted for their potent effects and aromatic richness.

Where to Buy Dirt Nap Seeds?

If you’re keen on getting your hands on Dirt Nap seeds, look no further than As the top seed bank in the U.S.A for over a decade, they provide a seamless and secure online shopping experience.

Remember, for your diverse cannabis needs, remains your top choice. With a reputation for excellence spanning a decade, they are your premier source for certified breeder genetics.

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