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707 Seed Bank – Blue Nectar

Blueberry Muffins x Kush Cleaner

10 Regular Seeds Per Pack

707 Seed Bank – Blue Nectar Strain 🌱

Digging into the Origins of Blue Nectar Strain 🌿

The Blue Nectar strain is a charming product of 707 Seed Bank, a delightful blend of Blueberry Muffins and Kush Cleaner. This strain is the beautiful child of its lineage, standing out with a unique identity in the world of cannabis.

Blueberry Muffins, renowned for its juicy blueberry aroma and tranquil effects, lends its signature sweetness to Blue Nectar. Kush Cleaner, respected for its potency and dense, resinous buds, contributes a substantial kick to this strain. Together, they’ve created Blue Nectar, a strain that wins hearts and minds alike.

Exploring the Terpenes and Aromas of Blue Nectar πŸƒ

Blue Nectar holds an enchanting aroma profile that takes you on a sensory journey. The initial scent that hits you is of fresh, ripe blueberries, evoking a feeling of a warm summer day. Then, the subtle notes of fuel emerge, a legacy of Kush Cleaner.

Its terpene profile is diverse, with Myrcene and Caryophyllene standing dominant. These terpenes are responsible for the strain’s sweet, earthy fragrance with a slight hint of spice.

The Smoking Experience of Blue Nectar 🍁

Lighting up Blue Nectar promises an array of flavors dancing on your palate. The sweet, juicy taste of blueberries is perfectly balanced with an earthy undertone.

The high from Blue Nectar is as enticing as its flavor. It begins with an invigorating cerebral stimulation that enhances mood and creativity. As the high progresses, it leads into a calm body relaxation that’s soothing without being overly sedating.

If Blue Nectar Ticks Your Boxes, You Might Also Enjoy… 🌿

If you savor the sweet, relaxing journey that Blue Nectar offers, other strains like Blue Dream and Berry White might also suit your palate. They offer a similar sweet, fruity flavor profile coupled with a balanced, calming high.

Looking for Blue Nectar Seeds? Seedsherenow.com! 🎁

When it comes to purchasing premium Blue Nectar seeds, look no further than Seedsherenow.com, the top-rated seed bank in the USA. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re an experienced grower or a cannabis enthusiast looking to try new strains.

About 707 Seed Bank

707 Seed Bank is a distinguished cannabis genetics company rooted in the heart of Northern California, an area globally recognized for its rich cultivation history and high-quality cannabis produce. Built on years of experience, intricate knowledge, and a passion for perfection, 707 Seed Bank has rapidly grown to become a reliable source for growers seeking resilient, potent, and high-yielding cannabis strains. The name itself pays homage to the region’s area code, reinforcing their deep connections to this cannabis-famous locale.

Under the careful guidance of founder and breeder ‘BioVortex,’ 707 Seed Bank has curated an impressive selection of strains designed to satisfy the tastes and preferences of both medicinal users and recreational enthusiasts. BioVortex’s philosophy centers around creating sustainable, bio-dynamic cannabis which harnesses the power of nature, ensuring each strain is a product of meticulous selection and careful cultivation. Their offerings range from the classics that have enthralled users for decades, to innovative hybrids that represent the cutting edge of cannabis breeding. With a strict focus on quality and consistency, 707 Seed Bank is committed to pushing the boundaries of cannabis genetics, offering seeds that deliver in terms of flavor, potency, and cultivation efficiency.


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🌱 Experience the sweet and calming highs of Blue Nectar! Boost your mood and relax your body. Get your seeds at Seedsherenow.com now! 🎁

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🌱 Blue Nectar: Sweet Calm by 707 Seed Bank | Seedsherenow.com 🎁


Q1: 🌱 What is the Blue Nectar strain? A: Blue Nectar is a hybrid strain by 707 Seed Bank, created by crossing Blueberry Muffins with Kush Cleaner.

Q2: πŸƒ What does Blue Nectar smell like? A: Blue Nectar has a sweet, earthy aroma with a dominant scent of fresh blueberries and a hint of fuel.

Q3: 🍁 What effects can I expect from Blue Nectar? A: Blue Nectar delivers an uplifting cerebral high that evolves into a soothing body relaxation.

Q4: 🎁 Where can I buy Blue Nectar seeds? A: Blue Nectar seeds can be securely bought from Seedsherenow.com.

Blueberry Muffin bred by Humboldt Seed Company is one of the tastiest Blueberry varieties I have come across. Shorter plants with strong branches and large flowers. Large resin glands cover these silvery light green, extremely resinous flowers. Sweet and strong blueberry aromas on most of the genotypes. An all around amazing plant.

8-10 Weeks

  • Yield: low
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