Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The Benefits Of Choosing Feminized Cannabis Seeds

The evolution of research by breeders into the most effective and efficient way to create high producing, high quality cannabis flower has led to the development of premium options in feminized cannabis seeds.

SeedsHereNow offers a top selection of feminized marijuana seeds from top breeders around the country, helping small and large grow operations to maximize production and yield with every harvest. These seeds are produced through a specific process that creates only female genes in the pollen, ensuring female seeds. Our trusted seed bank ensures that all of our feminized cannabis seeds have been expertly bred, and provide cannabinoid-rich flowers for growers to efficiently harvest and their customers to enjoy.

Why Buy Feminized Weed Seeds?

There are many benefits for both first-time growers and ongoing wholesale cannabis growers to choose feminized weed seeds over regular autoflower seeds. Feminized seeds, particularly the autoflowering varieties we offer, have high yields are require limited additional management of light and dark throughout the growing period.

In addition, feminized seeds are more predictable for a grow operation of any size. With no male plants in the operation, buds can be harvested on a specific schedule, which is critical for ongoing production and harvest planning.

SeedsHereNow is a leading provider of the best in new, unique, and classic options in feminized weed seeds. We carefully select the best feminized seeds and offer a 100% guarantee on all the seeds we sell.

For more information on each of the strains, click on the weed seed image. We provide a full description of the lineage of the seeds, including the THC level. We also share the specifics of the strain, including aromas and flavors and the effects and experience you can expect. From Gelato seeds and Wedding Cake seeds to the ever-popular White Hot Chocolate and Girl Scout Cookies strains, we have it all at our quality-focused seed bank.

The Best Brands in Feminized Weed Seeds

At Seeds Here Now, we’re proud to offer a collection of the industry’s leading brands when it comes to the best feminized seeds, including feminized cannabis seeds from Ethos Seeds, Humboldt Seed Company, Exotic Genetix, and more. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our vast stock of feminized marijuana seeds.

To find out more about any of our feminized weed seeds, send us a message online or give us a call at 844-MY-SEEDS (844-697-3337).