Regular Cannabis Seeds

Why Choose Regular Cannabis Seeds?

Regular seeds are the foundation of cannabis genetics, offering the potential to produce either male or female plants. This natural variability is crucial for breeding purposes and for those who prefer a hands-on approach to their cultivation practices.

Genetic Diversity and Breeding Potential

Regular seeds are essential for breeders looking to experiment with genetics and develop new strains. Male plants provide pollen needed for seed production, while female plants produce the buds that are harvested for medical and recreational use. This genetic diversity allows for cross-breeding, giving rise to unique phenotypes with potentially enhanced qualities.


Regular seeds are often less expensive than their feminized or autoflower counterparts because they have not undergone the same level of genetic modification. This makes them a cost-effective option for large-scale cultivations or for growers on a budget.

Educational Value

Growing regular seeds offers an educational journey through the complete life cycle of cannabis. It allows cultivators to learn about plant sexing, selective breeding, and the intricacies of cannabis genetics. This knowledge is invaluable for anyone serious about understanding and mastering cannabis cultivation.

Choosing the Right Regular Cannabis Seeds

Selecting the right regular seeds involves understanding your cultivation goals, whether it’s breeding new strains, producing seeds, or simply enjoying the process of growing cannabis from its most natural form.

  • Strain Selection: Consider what characteristics you desire in your cannabis—such as THC content, flavor profiles, and growth patterns. Regular seeds come in as many varieties as feminized and autoflower seeds.
  • Grow Environment: Some regular strains are better suited to certain environments than others. Consider your grow space, climate, and resources when choosing your seeds.
  • Breeding Goals: If you plan to breed your own strains, think about the traits you want to enhance or combine. Regular seeds provide the genetic diversity needed for effective breeding.

Growing Tips for Regular Cannabis Seeds

To ensure success with your regular seeds, here are some tips:

  • Vigilance in Sexing: Monitor your plants closely as they mature to identify and separate male plants if you’re not breeding. This prevents accidental pollination of female plants.
  • Nutrient Management: Regular seeds have no special nutrient requirements compared to feminized or autoflower seeds, but proper nutrition tailored to the vegetative and flowering stages will optimize growth.
  • Environmental Control: Maintaining a controlled environment helps prevent stress that could influence flowering and potentially hermaphroditic traits in sensitive strains.

Discover the Original Spirit of Cannabis With Regular Seeds From Seeds Here Now

For those who value natural cannabis cultivation, regular seeds offer a direct connection to the plant’s heritage. Seeds Here Now is proud to offer a comprehensive collection of regular cannabis seeds, supporting growers who enjoy the art and science of traditional cannabis cultivation.

Explore our variety of regular seeds today and experience the satisfaction of cultivating cannabis from its most authentic form.