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9/30/19 - OregonsOwn - 09-30-2019

Great to Seller !

I have been with SEEDSHERENOW for a yr. now . I have had the upmost hospitality , great communication and spot on delivery ! Just over all excellent customer service .

Frank G

Awesome service!!! Couldn’t have asked for better service and shipping was way faster then I expected!! Very responsive to emails as well!! Will definitely be doing more business soon, Thanks again, Chris

I can’t thank you enough I’m very pleased with what I got I will buy from you guys again that’s for sure thanks
Kenneth C

Best seeds vendor out there
This is hands down the best seeds vendor. I have ordered from a lot of them — Crap King Seeds was the first i ever used. God those genetics sucked. Then I went to attitude, way too many breeders to choose from, especially when not all the products are great. I’ve also used Nep and the exchange. To say my experience w/ seedsherenow has been different is crazy. I’ve gotten madd farmer, Ethos, obsoul33t, Katsu, Duke Diamond. Really want to get some Dominion, some Lucky Dog, and some Top Dawg. Maybe even splurge on some aficionados... really can’t wait until I pop these aliendogs though! It used to be, when I popped my seeds from other vendors, a lot of the commercial seed producers coming out of the UK and Netherlands suck. You get one frosty plant and the rest are Reggie. Not with SHN!! Don’t get fooled by the promise of freebies — nothing’s free, you and every other order paid for them!!!

Charles P

Super Customer Service

Super customer service and fast shipping, always have what I'm looking for.

Kim B

Dominion Domination
My Delta Blues and Shineapple arrived very quickly. I haven’t gotten them wee and dirty yet, but all the Dominion gear I’ve purchased in the past has all germinated without issue. When purchasing seeds from Dominion, you get more than great gear, you get support and in depth knowledge. Every single time I’ve asked a question on Instagram Duke Diamond himself responds with a well written in depth answer. Its difficult to put a dollar amount in that kind of service. SHN and Dominion art killing it! Thank you!  Nathan W

love dealing with your company,

love dealing with your company, everyone has been beyond friendly. duke diamond gives great information on his seeds , the rest of them not so much! got to know finish times mold, mildew and pest resistance not to mention stretch. irie genetics Rasta Jeff answered my e-mail and helped me a lot for my outside selections "orange gasim" from your company he's a good guy. just one complaint duke diamond needs to make a feminized pineapple skunk his reversed c-99 to dominion skunk would be epic!!

jim C

You are so amazing! Thank you so much! What you did was above and beyond, yet another reason  you're company is awesome! Any time I can refer someone, I will.

Troy T

Hey Bear,

Wow super fast. Thank you so much.

Wow awesome, thank you so much! You guys have outstanding customer service! Thank you to the whole team at SHN!
Aaron S

SHN Customer Service The other day I ordered a pack of seeds and sent my after about a week and not getting a confirmation email I sent an email to find out what was up. Within a couple of hours I received a reply explaining how I had made some mistakes in the ordering process and how the rep took care of the whole mess .I received my seeds 3 days later! What an amazing job my rep did. What an awesome company!I will continue to use SHN!
Troy T


Love this company, never had an issue! Professional punctual and precise. The owner is awsome!

Brian B

Everything is perfect the choice ,the service and the shipping!
Jonathon G


Always fast service and always GREAT results

Jon G

Got my order today. Came faster than anticipated. Very happy with how fast you guys processed the payment and got the seeds to me. And the best genetics on the market. Ill be doing another order next week. This was a little test run. Thank you again.
Zack D

Very Pleased with how you handled us!
From start to finish was 6-7 days! They had IN STOCK, what we wanted that no-one else even could get until FEBRUARY 2020!!! Very pleasant, quick and NO STRESS, we found the company for us, that we trust and at the right price.... Thank You ALL

Jayme H

Awesome, thanks again for the service. I've worked with about 3 seed banks and yall are without a doubt the most efficient and easy to work with.
Forrest W

Although I haven’t started my seeds yet, I’m VERY pleased with service. The company kept me updated on my order progress and provoded a tracking number once they shipped it out. I thought every step and product handling was professional. Based on the quality of service so far I have every confidence that my seeds will produce a very fine product. I’m sure I will purchase more in the future. I highly recommend this company thus far. I will update once I have a finished product.
Laurie F