“Karma Genetics officially started in 2008 after winning a cup at the IC420 cup in Amsterdam. They started breeding in 2000 and have been working in the Dutch canna-scene since 1996, starting in a coffeeshop and later running a local grow-shop.”

Karma, the founder of Karma Genetics, has enjoyed the widespread respect of cannabis growers the world over for his consistency in producing seeds that have unmatched vigor and high success rates. When you come in contact with a cultivator who’s invested in Karma seeds – particularly in the realm of Kush varieties – prepare yourself for an evangelical experience that rivals a Tennessee preacher. And with good reason, as Karma is a true artist. His White OG V2.0 has been sweeping cups across Europe for the past couple years and his Biker Kush is said to be one of the finest and most intoxicating varieties available in seed form.

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