Greyskull Seeds is a partnership of Greyskull and Joey Green.

Greyskull began his growing career in Northern California in 2001, was a member of “San Diego’s Finest,” and introduced the Sour Dubble (the mother of multiple High Times Cup winner Gorilla Glue). Greyskull returned to his family’s island roots in Maui in 2010 where he has been trusted to hold the most exclusive local cultivars – including the HP13. In 2016, Greyskull founded Hawaii’s first cannabis competition, the Hawaii Medical Cannabis Challenge (HMCC)—a blind, double-elimination tournament with 23 growers from all over Hawaii. In 2017, Greyskull moved the HMCC competition to Maui and renamed it the AHI (All Hawaii Invitational).

Joey got his start in cannabis cultivation due to the unfortunate needs he had as a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy. Top-shelf, organically-grown medical cannabis was essential to his recovery. Joey began a quest to become the best cannabis grower he could possibly be, and share the fruits of his labor with those in serious need. This quest brought him to Maui, where he continues to practice his craft—becoming the #1 grower in the Hawaiian Islands, as recognized by his competition wins (2016 HMCC, 2017 AHI, 2017 HVCA Stoke For The Cure: Mission PTSD).

It was through the HMCC competition that Greyskull met Joey. He was hard to miss—Joey won the state championship with over 75% of the vote! His winning strain, FirePie, has earned legendary status in the islands, where it most recently took first in another competition, the 2017 HVCA Stoke For The Cure: Mission PTSD. In a 100% unanimous victory, the military veteran judges concluded that FirePie gave “symptom relief without increased anxiety.”

In 2017, Joey and Greyskull teamed up to start Greyskull Seeds. At the AHI, the first-place winning strain was Valley OG x HP13, and the fourth-place winning strain was FirePie x HP13. Both strains are Greyskull Seeds creations and selections. Experience Hawaii’s top award-winning cannabis strains. Plant the seeds. Spread ‘da aloha.

Maui Nō Ka ‘Oi

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